Add-on Utilities


Add-on Utilities were created to make managing your add-ons far easier. Especially for update purposes, and installation purposes. However, some times they have thier problems. Some of them include sometimes not installing to the right place, updating to an outdated add-on, or just not finding the add-on.

A recommended practice would be to install all of the add-ons by hand, and then run a utility. this will allow the utility to find all of the add-ons at that point and self configure itself for the most part. Below are two add-on Utilities that are the most Useful to date.


UI Central

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UI Central is our auto-updating mod tool which enables you to check for new versions of your mods and auto-install them for you via the applications interface. This is what "UIC" can do for you..

1. Search mods
2. Browse mods by category
3. Download and Install mods automatically
4. Install macros from the large macros repository
5. Create mod packages
7. Direct access to favourites for updating and installation.

UIC is the most powerful mod updating tool anywhere making the task of installing and finding mods an absolute breeze.

The latest version, 3.0, is the most powerful yet and will be a great asset to any mod addict! Just check out the screenshots to find out why.

This program requires the .NET Framework 2.0 from Microsoft before it will run. The installer will notify you if this is missing and automatically install it for you if so.

UI Central works on Windows XP and Vista.


These are BETA addons you are updating and you should expect to see cutting edge features which may not be fully functional or bug-free. If this doesn't sound appealing for you, stop reading this page and update your addons through release versions from mod sites instead. Some addons are more beta than others.

This tool provides an easy way for you to keep your Ace addons up to date. When it first launches, it will download a list of available addons from If it can determine your local World of Warcraft installation folder, it will also compare that list with the addons you currently have installed and pre-check them.

Check the boxes of any addons you want to update/download and choose "Update Checked Addons" from the File menu (or press F12). The status of the download will be presented in the lower pane.

Download Location

Zip file with setup.exe

Install via Internet Explorer

If you use Firefox, the easiest thing to do is use IE to download the app. Afterwards it can update on its own. If you really don't want to use IE, you can get this addon for Firefox.



WowMatrix is a tool that allows you to Download and automatically install more htan 1500 different addons. All Add-ons on this page can be Downloaded through this utility. The addons are always up to date and are those released as stable (so you do not have to worry about major bugs).

This is a free Utility to use and does update itself automatically. This Utility is probably the easiest Utility to get the add-ons that you want once you find them.

It is HIGHLY recommended that all Members of SOM get this utility in order to keep up to date with the addons of your choice and those required by the guild. Thank you.

Download Location

Zip file with setup.exe